Dubai Assignment Help is a platform, formed for students throughout the country. We believe in keeping the communication transparent between us and the buyer. For this reason, we have curated the following terms and conditions - on the basis on which - we function, and facilitate the students.

Before placing your order please read all the clauses carefully. Once your order is placed, we believe you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree on any of one or more of the following clauses, please refrain from placing the order.

1.Order can only be canceled within 24 hours of the action. If the writer has already started working, the order cannot be canceled and you will have to carry on with it.

2.Payment needs to be made in advance. We only proceed with the order, once the payment has been received. We function in this way to control the last-moment backouts by the clients.

3.We promise quality-checked papers only, not your desired grade. This is because grades are impacted by several factors and we are not responsible if you do not achieve the desired grade.

4.We value your hard-earned money. And to assure your money is fully safe with us, we offer a full refund in the following cases:

  • If the work is plagiarized. Although this rarely happens, if it does, you can claim your money back.
  • You missed the deadline due to a delay from our end. However, we are not liable for a refund if you missed the deadline due to delays from your end.
  • You failed the course due to the paper submitted composed by us. However, evidence needs to present that identifies your failure in the course due to our delivered product.
  • In case the payment has been sent twice. You can immediately share the evidence and claim your money back.

5.To further keep you reassured with us, we offer FREE revision too! To avail free revisions, one or more than one clause needs to be satisfied:

  • The work doesn't meet your brief/requirement. Although we keep the client in the loop the whole time and this doesn't happen. But in case the writer fails to meet your expectations, you can always share your feedback to improvise the paper.
  • Please be mindful that revisions and rewriting are two different things. We are bound to offer free revision only. If your feedback contains something which was not included in your previous brief, a new quote will be presented.
  • For every revision, we have one cycle. Your one set of feedback will be entertained at a time. To add more, you will have to wait until the cycle is completed to add more.
  • To avail of the free revision, proper feedback needs to be shared. General comments like "I am not sure about this" will not be entertained.

6.Your presence during the entire process is very significant. Not responding during the process can cancel the entire process.

7.Processes are bound to take some time. Please be patient and co-operative during the process.

8.The involvement of any third party is totally not accepted. Any claims, requests, or problems need to be reported by the buyer themselves.

9.We reserve the right to refuse any of the requests on the basis of the terms and conditions listed above.

10.Dubai Assignment Help is free to make any changes in the policies without issuing any notice in public.